Friday seems to be the day to take a tour around the other Personal Finance Blogs and see what’s new:

  1. Million Dollar Journey takes a look at why the economy is not relevant to investing
  2. Financial Highway shows you how credit card companies make money
  3. Investing Thesis is hosting the Canadian Personal Finance and Investing Carnival on August 15th.  Boomer has submitted her article on Asset Allocation, can’t wait to check it out to see if we are included.
  4. Big Cajun Man looks back at Lesson Learned Financially
  5. Canadian Finance Blog talks about how to keep children entertained on a budget
  6. Tiny Potato asks about, marriage and bank account structure – which style are you?
  7. Frugal Dad wonders what retirement will look like for younger generations?
  8. Young and Thrifty enjoys the summer stock market gains in her latest net worth update
  9. Money Smarts Blog writes about borrowing money to invest
  10. Canadian Capitalist gives us one reason to obtain a US Dollar credit card

Have a great weekend!

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