The holidays are coming to an end and 2013 is just around the corner.  For my last post on B&E in 2012, I’m going to do a roundup of the some of the technology that came out this year.

Lots of bloggers write articles on this subject like “the 10 best gadgets of the year” but I’m going to cover it from a different angle.  Let’s look at the new technology that has enhanced our quality of life and saved us money.


In my opinion, Ultrabooks have been one of the biggest stories in technology in 2012.  While tablet devices have been marketed heavily, Ultrabooks haven’t been in the spotlight as much.

With solid state hard drives, lower power consumption, less weight and a sleeker design, Ultrabooks are the answer to the MacBook for the PC user.

Now that there are a variety of Ultrabooks on the market, consumers have choice which translates into better value.  Those looking for a sleek, responsive, thin device can buy an Ultrabook ($550 and up) for far less than a MacBook ($999 and up).

Small Tablets

Every PC maker (and now Microsoft) makes tablets these days.  Apple is the leader but others are trying to make a dent in the market.

The big story this year on the tablet front is the rise of the 7” form factor (iPad mini is 7.9”) as opposed to the 10” (iPad is 9.7”).

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I took a look at the BestBuy website and saw that they currently have 171 tablets for sale.  Of these, 36% are 7 inches and 27% are 10.1 inches.  So why are tablet makers focusing so heavily on the 7” segment of the market this year?

First of all, since Apple didn’t have a small screen tablet offering, many of its competitors thought they would exploit this and try to carve out a slice of this market for themselves.

Second of all, I think tablet makers are trying to offer consumers more choice.  Not everyone needs a 10” tablet or wants to pay the price associated with that size.  Like with Ultrabooks, people want choice and choice leads to better value.

Smart TVs

Internet connected TVs really started coming to market in 2012 with a host of features.  TVs from the likes of Samsung provide gesture and voice control, internet movie streaming, social media apps and much more.

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Personally, I don’t think advancements in TV technology are that great for our quality of life or for our pocket book, however purchasing a Smart TV may reduce our need for tablets.

For some, an internet connected TV may satisfy some of the craving for “always on” internet connectivity.  If you need a new TV and upgrade to a smart TV and bypass the tablet craze, you in effect save yourself the cost of a tablet ($300-$800).  Don’t just go out and buy both!

Wifi Enabled Cameras

2012 saw wifi enabled cameras picking up steam in the consumer market as well.  These cameras allow you to transfer pictures to your computer or upload them to social media sites without having to remove memory cards or worry about cords.

This advancement is alright but not that compelling when you think about all the people walking around with Smart Phones in their pockets that already have a camera and wifi built-in.

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This new class of camera will certainly save you time and effort but don’t run out and get a new point-and-shoot just for this feature.  Professional photographers will love this feature however!  Look for more companies getting on the wifi bandwagon in 2013.

So what about the technology that didn’t make the cut this year?  To me, the developments in large form factor tablets, smart phones, mp3 players and eReaders just don’t offer compelling reasons to buy.

The never ending upgrade cycle

When it comes to enhancing your lifestyle and saving money, remember that technology is always about bigger, better and faster.  Every year companies try to get us to buy their latest and greatest products.  Don’t fall into the constant upgrade cycle that many people get sucked in to.

Here’s a table I’ve created to give you an idea of how long to wait before upgrading your digital devices in order to actually feel like you are getting a big upgrade and good value for your money.

Price Product Type Years to own before upgrading
$$$$ TV 5 years or more
$$$ PC (Laptop/Desktop/Ultrabook) 3 years or more
$$ Digital Camera 4 years
$$ Smart Phone 3 years
$$ Tablet 2 years (time will tell)
$ MP3 Player 5 years
$ eReader 2 years (time will tell)

Generally speaking, the more expensive the product, the longer you should wait to upgrade it.  Also, products that are experiencing a lot of innovation will probably need to get upgraded more often.

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2012 saw a lot of new features that make our lives easier but also a lot of run of the mill faster, bigger, upgrades.  When you go out and make a new tech purchase in 2013, think about what products will enhance your lifestyle!

Andrew Martin is a personal finance and investing blogger from Toronto, Ontario with a background in technology and a passion for travel.  His blog, She Thinks I’m Cheap aims to help Canadians make more money by sharing facts, stories and advice.

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