Net Worth Update: 2018 Year-End Review

Net Worth Update 2018 Year End Review

I started the year with high aspirations. I wanted our household net worth to reach $750,000 and to get there I needed markets to continue chugging along at 8-10 percent. Well, that didn’t happen. When it comes to market expectations, straight-line goals won’t cut it. Even though it’s reasonable to expect 8 percent growth over…

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Weekend Reading: 2018 Year End Edition

This year was a challenging one for investors. We’ve been so used to seeing positive gains in our portfolios it’s a shock when markets don’t cooperate! The TSX is down 12.26 percent on the year. The S&P 500 is down 7.03 percent. International markets, as measured by MSCI EAFE, are down 13.94 percent. With seemingly…

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