Announcing The Winners Of Our HUGE Anniversary Contest

Our massive five-year anniversary contest wrapped up yesterday and we were blown away by the number of responses and comments from our readers. When the contest closed we had a total of 2,935 entries from 509 unique entrants.

And no wonder there were so many entries in the contest. We had some amazing prizes up for grabs – 63 of them at a total value of over $5,000. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for supporting this giveaway; we couldn’t have done it without you.

We used Rafflecopter to help us manage the contest and choose the winners. We’re thrilled to announce all 63 winners below:

Boomer & Echo’s HUGE Five-Year Anniversary Contest Winners:

  1. One free-year at Nest Wealth, the online wealth management firm, plus a selection of the best personal finance books from Amazon (prize value of $1,000). Winner – Barb Korosi
  2. One $500 credit when you open an investment account at ModernAdvisor. Winner – Ginette Holland
  3. Ten $50 Staples gift card prizes to help your back-to-school budget, courtesy of ATB FinancialWinners:
      • Pam Wood Humphrey
      • Tamir Kojfman
      • Lyne Brosseau
      • Leanne B.
      • Allison Hicks
      • Ben McIntyre
      • Melanie Paquette
      • Erin Gibson Dyck
      • Thomas Elias
      • Marcelina Johanson
  4. 15 Scotiabank SCENE PIN cards. Each one can be redeemed for a free movie at Cineplex, courtesy of Scotiabank (prize split into one package of 10 PIN cards and one package of 5 PIN cards). Winners:
      • 10 SCENE PIN Cards – Sherry Kinnear
      • 5 SCENE PIN Cards – Alan Floyd
  5. Three $100 savings account deposits from TangerineWinners:
      • Andy Yan
      • Donny K.
      • Charles Cheltenham
  6. One $250 Home Depot gift card to help with your home renovation, courtesy of Winner – Justin Berry
  7. One $250 prepaid MasterCard from BMO. Winner – Deng Ke Fan
  8. One $250 prepaid Visa card from Rate Supermarket. Winner – Steffen
  9. One $250 prepaid Visa card from ShareOwner. Winner – Braydon Epp
  10. One $250 Amazon gift card from WealthSimple. Winner – Jennifer Clarkson
  11. One-year subscription to 5iResearch – conflict free investment research (prize value of $139.95). Winner – Glen Pearson
  12. One $100 President’s Choice gift card from PC Financial. Winner – Sheila Ritchie
  13. One $100 Canadian Tire gift card from Calador Communications. Winner – Carita Weller
  14. One $100 prepaid Visa card from, which compares the best credit cards in Canada. Winner – Gene Moscicki
  15. Two athletic running shirts (value of $35 each), plus two copies of It’s Still Not Rocket Science, from Steadyhand Investment Funds.

      • Jean-Francis LeClerc
      • Terry Friesen
  16. $75 worth of Purdy’s Chocolate from Life Insurance Canada. Winner – Randy Luke
  17. One $50 Amazon gift card from Great Canadian Rebates. Winner – Dwayne Dibben
  18. Your choice of $50 cold hard cash, the Grouplend concierge activity package, or THE MYSTERY BOX! Winner – Debby Voskamp
  19. Two personal finance books of your choice, courtesy of WealthBar. Winner – Faye Johnson
  20. Four digital subscriptions to Canadian Money Saver magazine (value of $24.95 each)

      • Ashvin
      • Justin
      • Ronda
      • Lushka Smith
  21. Five subscriptions to The Mindful Budgeting Program, courtesy of LSM Insurance.

      • Chris Brugman
      • Choochooli
      • Jackie DL
      • Val Taylor
      • Raphaelle Vallerand
  22. Four copies of The Wealthy Barber Returns, by David Chilton.

      • Eric Hunter
      • Matt T.
      • Claire Ryce
      • Chantal Rollin
  23. One copy of The Incredible Shrinking Alpha, by Larry Swedroe. Winner – May
  24. One copy of The One-Page Financial Plan, by Carl Richards. Winner – Lauren Ghent
  25. One copy of Findependence Day, by Jonathan Chevreau. Winner – J. Chriest
  26. One copy of Millionaire Teacher, by Andrew Hallam. Winner – Mark Gichuru
  27. One copy of Pound Foolish, by Helaine Olen. Winner – Ted Starchuk
  28. One copy of Stop Over-thinking Your Money!, by Preet Banerjee. Winner – Shirl Murphy
  29. One copy of Wealthing Like Rabbits, by Robert Brown. Winner – Chris
  30. One copy of The Value of Simple, by John Robertson. Winner – Wendy Hutton
  31. One copy of Rob Carrick’s Guide to What’s Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today. Winner – Jason St-Hilaire
  32. One copy of How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents, by Rob Carrick. Winner – Jeffery Ha
  33. One copy of More Money for Beer and Textbooks, by Kyle Prevost and Justin Bouchard. Winner – Sean Kelly
  34. One copy of The RESP Book, by Mike Holman. Winner – AMW
  35. One copy of The Smart Debt Coach, by Talbot Stevens. Winner – Danielle
  36. One copy of Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice, by Talbot Stevens. Winner – T C
  37. One copy of Enough Bull, by David Trahair. Winner – Lynne Landry
  38. One copy of Fight Back: 81 Ways to Save Money and Protect Yourself From Corporate Trickery, by Ellen Roseman. Winner – Alex Howell
  39. One copy of Let’s Get Blunt About Your Financial Affairs, by Mark Goodfield (soon to be released). Winner – Mario
  40. One copy of Pensionize Your Nest Egg, by Moshe Milevsky and Alexandra Macqueen. Winner – Dennis Seebach

Final thoughts

We wanted to host this HUGE contest as a way to give back to our great community of readers. We hope you keep coming back for more. We sincerely appreciate it when you sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and tell your friends and family about our blog.

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered our contest over the last several weeks. We’ll contact each of the winners directly and then put them in touch with their prize sponsor to arrange delivery.

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  1. Tom on August 31, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    Hey, hey; I made the list! Thanks a bunch!! Love your blog (literally check it daily) and this giveaway was awesome!

  2. Lyne Brosseau on September 1, 2015 at 6:35 am

    Yay! Thank you! And thanks for all the great content too 🙂

  3. Vanessa on September 1, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Hahaha, I felt like I was checking the lottery results — hopefully I’ll have better luck next time!

  4. John Ryan on September 1, 2015 at 7:42 am

    Congrats on running a killer give away!!!

  5. Stephen Weyman on September 1, 2015 at 8:03 am

    Congrats on the successful contest guys. Just a thought though … did you check with all the winners to make sure they were OK with you publishing their full names online in this post or was that part of your terms and conditions for entering?

    When I ran my contest I just published their first names and checked with them first before doing so.

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