Credit Card Recommendations

For years I’ve funnelled as much spending as I could onto one or more rewards credit cards to earn cash back and travel rewards. The strategy has paid off handsomely as I was able to earn over $2,000 in credit card rewards this year. This page is dedicated to finding and updating the best credit card offers in Canada so that you can save and earn more money too!

The main navigation compares credit cards based on your preferences; from personal to business credit cards, and categorizes the type of credit card recommendations depending on whether you’re looking for rewards cards, low interest cards, or balance transfer cards. Finally, you can sort the recommendations to show cards that come with an annual fee or none.

The “Boomer & Echo recommends” section shows you credit card offers that are currently featuring welcome bonuses, early spend bonuses, cash back incentives, and/or no annual fee for the first year. Check out some of the best credit card offers in Canada, including cash back credit cards that pay 4 and 5 percent back on grocery and gas spending! My personal favourite is the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card.

Finally, we feature five of the best rewards credit cards in the country at any given moment, along with more details on their features and benefits, as well as the top five low interest rate credit cards for those who carry a balance and are looking to reduce their interest paid.

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