Once a month, CTV Calgary creates a shopping list to compare grocery store prices at major Calgary grocery stores.  The chains that are used in this ongoing study include Superstore, Safeway, Sobeys, and Co-op.  All coupons and membership programs are included, however some chains vary their prices from store to store.

What I found interesting when comparing grocery store prices was that Superstore consistently came in as the best value for a basket of goods, typically by 20-25 percent over the most expensive grocery store each and every month.

Since my favorite rewards credit card is the PC MasterCard, I find this news exciting and will try and shop at Superstore a little more regularly than I do now to take advantage of the PC Points and cheaper overall grocery store prices.

I typically go shopping at Costco for meat, cleaning supplies, and other food staples, Safeway for mostly fresh foods, as Safeway is right across the street from our house, and Superstore for baby supplies and non-perishables.  I do find Safeway to be expensive, so I try to go there on 15% off customer appreciation day on the 1st Tuesday of the month, and try to pick up other items only when they’re on sale.

Compare Grocery Store Prices to Costco

I’d be curious to see how the prices at Costco stack up to the competition, but I’m sure you wouldn’t be comparing apples-to-apples due to the sheer size of most items at Costco.  Typically you should save money by purchasing in bulk, so long as you’re not wasting food by not being able to finish it before it goes bad.  However for toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and other cleaning supplies and household items, I’m sure that Costco comes out ahead in price per unit comparisons.

For those of you who are interested to compare grocery store prices here is the article from CTV Calgary’s August report.

Does this study hold true in other parts of the country?  Do you shop at one grocery store, or shop around to find the best prices?

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