As mentioned in this post from a few years back, I fantasized about leaving the “big city” and moving to the country.  Well, we’re finally moving – not to the country, but to a smaller city with a population 90% less than our current home, and countryside all around to explore.

Escape to the countryside

Not only is the city smaller, our home will be much smaller – from over 3,000 square feet to almost one-third of the size at 1,060 square feet.

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After looking at literally dozens of different types of properties in our price range and weighing the pros and cons of each one, we finally settled on an apartment we liked.

We were heading over for a second viewing.  Another unit in the building just listed that same day and we decided to take a look while we were there.  It was love at first sight!  We immediately put in an offer that was accepted and we flew home to pack.

Now, we won’t be in the country, we won’t have a yard, and we need to do some major downsizing of our belongings.  But, this shows how serendipity works if you are not too fixed in your ideas.

Escape to the countryside

This was originally published in August, 2010.

I regularly watch a program on BBC-Canada called “Escape to the Country.”  The show features couples and/or families that want to leave the grind of big city life to live in the country.  Although the show is based in England, I find myself fascinated by the idea of country living.

I have lived in the city all my life but, as I get older, I find that I hate the noise, traffic and, yes, all the people around me all the time.

I can’t even sleep with my bedroom window open at night without hearing trucks and motorcycles zooming past on my supposedly quiet street.  Teenagers yell and laugh as they walk by in the early hours of the morning (why aren’t they home in bed?) and my room is filled with smoke from the fire pits.

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I fantasize about the peace and quiet of the countryside so I’m now on the lookout for the perfect country living house – my dream house if you will.

People tend to think that once your children have moved away it’s time to downsize your home.  I currently reside in a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 3,000 square foot house and I can’t imagine living in anything smaller.

One of the bedrooms is now an office/computer room and one is a sewing room.  My treadmill and other exercise equipment has a space in the basement, and I need the dining room for dinners for my ever-expanding family, not to mention that my children and grandchildren need a place to sleep when they come to visit.

My husband and I (and our three cats) would feel cramped in a 2-bedroom condo apartment.

I’ve been periodically checking out the MLS listings online to see if I can find a similar sized property in a more rural setting with a big yard so I can do more gardening.

The questions now are:  Will I find country living too quiet and boring?  Will I hate doing more gardening?  Will I ever see my kids again?  Will I be able to afford to buy a property outright (I don’t want a mortgage)?  Will I have enough income to survive?  Is this how I really want to spend my retirement years?

These are the questions I’ll be mulling over when I watch the next episode of “Escape to the Country.”

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