My mom phoned me in a big panic the other day because she lost her eyeglasses. After ransacking her apartment and questioning her with the same thoroughness of a homicide cop interrogating a suspect, we ended up going to her optometrist (with IRIS) for replacements.

The glasses specialist mentioned that CARP members have a $150 coupon towards new glasses.

CARP actually offers a lot of member benefits for people over 50; including travel, insurance, health products, entertainment, electronics, and more.

I’m one of those people who tend to glance over offers and discounts – and then promptly forget about them – so it was a good reminder for me.

Member Benefits and Discounts

A lot of workplaces and memberships offer special promotions and discounts and they are worth looking into when you are researching a purchase.

Employee discounts

Beyond the normal employee benefits, many companies offer discounts on a variety of services and merchandise.

When I worked in banking most of the employee discounts were for attractions in Ontario – Niagara, Canada’s Wonderland, Leafs hockey tickets – not very usable for someone living in Calgary.

However, when I worked for a major retail store, there were hundreds of special promotions and quality discounts for employees. For example, there was a $500 discount on Apple computers that would have been handy when I bought my iMac, but I didn’t know about it at the time ☹.

I did use a car rental discount though, and the agent told me it was the best employee discount he had ever seen. Even my brother, who works for a large multi-national company said it was better than his discount. Go figure!

If you belong to a professional association you may also be eligible for certain discounts, especially on insurance and mobile phone services.

Costco Membership

Anyone with a Costco membership knows that they offer multiple products and services beyond the good deals on prescriptions and what’s in their warehouse. These include many small business services, insurance, travel, a Ford auto discount, and home improvement and renovation services.

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The advantage here is the Costco customer service – satisfaction guaranteed!

Auto club

If you belong to an auto club (CAA) for emergency roadside assistance, check out their other offerings. Not only can you get discounts on hotel/motels and car rentals, they also offer travel (not just road trips) and merchandise.

Final thoughts

Don’t be like me. If you are in the market for a major purchase or service and comparing prices, first check to see whether there are any suitable discounts on offer from your employer, store and auto club memberships, and credit cards.

You may be surprised at what kind of member benefits and discounts you can find.

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