Investing A Lump Sum vs. Dollar Cost Averaging: What To Do When Markets Are At An All-Time High

Investing a lump sum vs. dollar cost averaging

Despite the odd blip over the last decade, Canadian and U.S. stocks continue to reach all-time highs. Investors are understandably worried about the next correction or crash. In particular, investors who are sitting on large amounts of cash are nervous about deploying their capital at today‚Äôs frothy valuations. Research has shown that, since stocks are…

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Weekend Reading: Student Loan Forgiveness Edition

Student Loan Forgiveness Edition

It’s graduation season for university and college students across North America. The biggest story of the week came from tiny Morehouse College in Atlanta, where Morehouse’s commencement speaker and tech billionaire Robert Smith pledged to pay off the student loan debt of the entire Morehouse Class of 2019. Smith’s generous gift will wipe away student…

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