It’s amazing how we can always find joy in the smallest of things. Like when I lingered too long at a downtown coffee shop last week and expected to find a parking ticket – but to my surprise a Good Samaritan had plugged the meter for me before time expired. Or the time we went shopping to buy new clothes for our two girls and were told when we got to the cash register that the items were actually on sale – 40 percent off!

I’m sure you can share similar stories of how you were delighted by the littlest thing – finding a $10 bill in the pocket of your spring jacket, getting upgraded to a suite at a hotel, or having someone ahead of you in line pay for your coffee. Heck, there’s even an international Pay it Forward Day designed around random acts of kindness and inspiring good deeds that bring people joy.

We appreciate those unexpected moments because we feel like we’re getting something back. That’s one reason why I started using a cash back credit card for my everyday purchases. I hated the feeling of paying fees every time I had to withdraw cash from the ATM or when I went over the limit for monthly debit transactions.

Cash back made me feel better about how I spent my money. Now, instead of listing “bank fees” as an expense in my budget, I list “cash back rewards” under the income column. If you can get an average of 1 percent back each year on $25,000 spending, that’s $250 you can use to treat yourself or set aside for a rainy day.

For example, take the no annual fee SimplyCash Card from American Express: it offers 5 percent cash back on eligible purchases made at grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants for the first six months (up to $250 cash back), and 1.25% cash back on all other purchases. Imagine getting another $10 off at the grocery store on a $200 purchase – that’s like combining the parking meter fairy, free Timmie’s coffee, and the surprise clothing discount into one amazing deal!

After the first six months, SimplyCash Card holders can earn 1.25 percent back on all spending without having to change the places they shop or navigate through earnings caps and category tiers – there’s no limit to how much cash back they can earn.

Hey, we’re always looking for ways to make our dollars work harder for us, and with a cash back card it’s like you’re getting a discount on every purchase. That feels good!

The SimplyCash Card offers the best flat cash back rate (1.25 percent) of any no annual fee cash back credit card on the market. So if you’re a fan of cash back rewards and don’t want to pay an annual fee, the SimplyCash Card will put the most money back into your wallet. Now that’ll make you smile.

Click here to learn more about the SimplyCash Card from American Express.

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.

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