We don’t go to the movies too often any more because we either need to find a babysitter or else we haul the entire family to the latest kids’ flick (and there’s only so much Frozen I can take).

But recently I’ve uncovered a hidden gem among rewards programs in Canada – the SCENE rewards card.  The program is free to join and you get 250 points just for enrolling.  SCENE members get 100 points with every movie, 10 percent off movie snacks, and save 10 percent more on Tuesday movie tickets (on up to six tickets).

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Just 1000 points gets you a free movie, whether the movie is in 2D, 3D, or IMAX.  Have you looked at the cost of movies lately?  Regular admission is $13.99 and it costs up to $19.99 to see it in 3D.

That means to earn 1000 points toward a free movie you’ll need to spend at least $139.90 (10 movies x 13.99 @ 100 points each).  Redeem your points for the big blockbuster 3D movie at $19.99 and you’ll enjoy a 14 percent return.

SCENE Rewards Visa card

Enter the SCENE Visa card – a favourite among University students across the country.  First of all when you sign up for the SCENE Visa you’ll get 4000 points after your first purchase – that’s good for four free movies.

Scene Rewards Visa

You’ll get five SCENE points for every dollar spent at Cineplex theatres or online at Cineplex.com, and one SCENE point for every dollar spent elsewhere.

The SCENE Visa is a no-fee credit card, so it’s perfect even if you only use it for movie tickets and concessions to maximize your points.

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Let’s say you spend $25 on a night out at the movies, including the ticket, a drink, and popcorn.  With the SCENE Visa card you’ll get 100 points for the ticket plus an additional 125 points just by using your card.

That means you’ll earn a free movie even faster – within four or five trips to the movies.  Now we’re talking about an 18 percent return on your spending!

If you’ve got a smart phone just download the SCENE app and then you can check your balance, buy movie tickets, and redeem your rewards.  Just show your SCENE barcode at the theatre.

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