I went to Seattle this week for a work-related conference. We stayed at the beautiful Grand Hyatt downtown and had plenty of time to explore the city over the three days, including the famous Pike Place Market where we ate at Lowell’s overlooking the Olympic Mountains and Port of Seattle.

I also went to my first major league baseball game in fifteen years (since a visit to Chicago in 2000), watching the Seattle Mariners hit a record six home runs in their 11-4 win over the visiting San Diego Padres.

Safeco Field in Seattle

The light rail link between the airport and downtown made it easy and affordable to get around. A one-way ticket cost just $3 and the train must have come around at least every ten minutes.

I liked the city overall and think it would be a nice getaway for my wife and I to go shopping (for her) and see some of the other attractions that I missed (like the Space Needle).

This Week’s Recap:

On Monday I looked at the new Momentum Savings account from Scotiabank that pays bonus interest when you leave your money in the account for 90 days.

On Wednesday Marie explained how the occasional splurge can actually be good for your budget.

And on Friday I shared why cash back beats travel rewards.

Over on Rewards Cards Canada I wrote about a generous offer from TD for its First Class Travel Visa Infinite card that pays up to $260 in travel and cash back incentives.

Weekend Reading:

Adam Mayers shares why changes to the sex-ed curriculum might be a good model for helping young people become financially literate.

Preet Banerjee explains why moving too often can be a wealth killer.

Life is expensive, debt is easy, and saving is hard. That’s why Kerry Taylor decided to play the lottery.

Carl Richards on why saying “just this once” too often can lead to major spending problems.

Part of the Globe and Mail’s debt binge series, Rob Carrick enlists a Money Coach to help a couple struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments.

Jason Heath explains why living off your dividends in retirement may be a mistake. I wrote a similar piece a few weeks ago.

More Canadians are tapping the value of their homes to make ends meet as they head into retirement. Is it a good idea? Adam Mayers looks at the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage.

Nelson Smith at Financial Uproar is interested in how to invest in reverse mortgages.

The Globe and Mail’s Tim Cestnick shares a cautionary tale about overtaxing the rich. Meanwhile, Bridget Casey explains why that barstool economics parable is a fairy tale.

Sheryl Smolkin looks at a wrongful dismissal case and how to mitigate your damages by making adequate efforts to look for a new job.

Mark Seed reviewed The One Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards and is giving away a copy of the book.

Big Cajun Man lists some important financial questions to ask on a first date.

Is renting your home on AirBnB worth the risk? Dan Wesley looks at the pros and cons.

Uber is disrupting the taxi business, and in this post Barry Choi explains what the ride-sharing app is all about and whether you should use it over a traditional cab.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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