A survey done by Capital One Canada showed that one-third of respondents admit their financial plans include a future injection of good luck, either by receiving a large inheritance (10%) or by winning the lottery (18%).

Surveys like this have been done from time-to-time for several decades and it continues to surprise me that, even though the odds of winning a lottery are about 1 in 16 million, the percentage of people expecting these riches always remains pretty similar.

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Our Canadian jackpots don’t go as high as the U.S.’s Mega Millions and Powerball, but our Lotto Max regularly hits the $50 million mark.

I came across these questions at MSN Money and I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts if I won this major prize.

1. Would it change you?

I’d like to say that I would stay my fabulous self, but think about it.  Money is a magnifier.  Whatever your personality traits are now they will increase.  Thus a generous person will be more so to the point that they may give it all away, a person who seeks approval may become prey to scammers and needy “friends”, lonely people would still sit at home, a controller will give everyone ultimatums, and a miserable old coot would be – well, you know.

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Research shows that a large majority of people who receive windfalls revert back to their original financial status within a few years.

I’ll change my answer to – I hope I would become a better person.

2. Would you still work?

I would never again work for another person (or company).  There are a lot of non-paying activities I’d like to do such as hobbies and travelling the world.  I’d create a charitable foundation that would keep me busy, and taking care of my investments would take up some time, also.

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3.  Would you share with your family?

This is a tricky question because both sides of our family have always been much better off financially than we are.  I would give our brothers $1 million each to help secure their retirements.  My parents wouldn’t need a lump sum, but all their possible future needs – medical equipment, private nursing care, etc. – would be taken care of.

My children would get only a token amount each, maybe enough to pay their mortgages and a few fun purchases.  I wouldn’t want them to end up like the folks in this story.  Sorry boys, you’ll have to wait until I’m toes up for the rest, if any.

I would set up trust funds for all my grandchildren.

4.  Would you splurge?

I have to laugh when I see interviews with big lottery winners.  They all say they will stay working, buy a new house and vehicle, go on a trip and share with family.  Are they really that boring – or are they keeping their real, and exciting, plans to themselves?

I’d definitely splurge on some things I’ve been eyeballing but I’ve been too frugal to buy.  I’d upgrade a few things such as staying at the Hilton rather than the Super 8 when I travel, maybe a classier watch than my trusty Timex, give better quality gifts – things like that.  I’m pretty easy to please and don’t need a ton of stuff.  I wouldn’t blow it all like this (now famous) winner.

5.  Would you live on a budget?

I would still budget, but I’m sure the numbers would look a bit different.

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It may be hard to fathom, but even several million dollars can run out.

Final lottery thoughts

I’m sure every one of us has thought about receiving a windfall at some point.  Go ahead and dream a little.  What would you do with the $50 million jackpot you are about to win?

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