Today marks our second anniversary here on Boomer & Echo, and it’s been an unbelievable journey.  In two years, we’ve written over 500 posts, gained more than 3,500 subscribers, seen over 635,000 visits and had nearly 1 million pageviews.

When I first stumbled on a popular personal finance blog called Million Dollar Journey, I spent months combing through the archives.  I was hooked, and soon I was soaking up other personal finance sites like Money Smarts Blog, Canadian Finance Blog, Canadian Dream Free at 45, Canajun Finances and Financial Highway.

My mom and I liked to discuss personal finance and investing, and we had talked about starting our own business.  After a bit more research on how to start a website, we decided to launch our own personal finance blog.  My mom came up with the Boomer & Echo name, which fit perfectly since we’d be writing from the perspective of two different generations.

Who knew that our blog would grow from two visits a day (me, and my mom) to more than 60,000 visits a month in such a short time?  I still remember our first little spike in traffic, which was from the Canadian Capitalist blog linking to my article on 10 ways to save on car insurance.   I think we hit 100 visits that day!

I also remember the first two comments we received, from Young & Thrifty and from My Own Advisor.  Many blogs that started around the time we did have long since faded away, but both of these blogs have been tremendous supporters of ours from day one (ok, maybe day five).

The Globe & Mail has been kind to us, picking up quite a few of our articles over the years:

Last Fall, I wrote a few sample articles for Adam Mayers at the Toronto Star.  This led to a full time freelancing gig, writing twice a week on their personal finance site, Moneyville.  The opportunity to write for a major media outlet has given us a ton of additional exposure from across the country.

We want to keep you coming back each week by publishing interesting content on personal finance and investing topics for Boomers and Echos alike.

How about a giveaway?

So, we want to do a little giveaway to show our appreciation to all the readers and bloggers who’ve supported us over the past two years.  Here’s what we’re giving away:

  • 1st prize is a Samsung 10.1″ 16GB Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet – retail $349.99
  • 2nd prize is a $50 Amazon gift card
  • 3rd prize is a $25 Future Shop gift card courtesy of our friends at Great Canadian Rebates.

There are 5 ways to enter the contest:

This contest will close on Friday August 24th and we’ll announce the winners on Friday August 31st.

Good luck!

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