Many of our financial decisions involve complicated math that can be tough to decode on our own.  Fortunately there are plenty of financial resources and tools available online that can help us make sense of even the most complex scenarios.

I went looking for the best online financial resources, calculators, and tools to help Canadians make smart decisions with their money.  Here’s what I found:

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Home Ownership

Tax planning

Insurance planning

Budgeting and Savings

Banking and Credit

  • Which chequing account is right for you?  (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)
  • Which savings account is right for you?  (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)
  • Which credit card is right for you? (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)

Paying for Education


Free customizable spreadsheets has many free financial spreadsheets and calculators available for download, which you can then customize to your own unique situation.  This site is where I found the budget spreadsheet that I’ve used the past five years.

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Final thoughts

I hope you find some of these calculators and tools to be useful for your own finances.  This is not a definitive list by any means, so feel free to add to it by listing your favourite online financial resources in the comments section below.

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