Weekend Reading: Rob Carrick Hangout Edition

We’ve had some awesome guests lately on the Because Money hangout.  If you’re not familiar with the format, we host a video podcast on Google+ Hangouts on Air every Wednesday night at 7:30pm MST (9:30pm EST).

Last week we had Rob Carrick on the show to talk about Generation Y.  We accepted the fact that Gen Y will have it tougher than previous generations due to high education costs, poor job prospects, and sky high real estate prices.  Mr. Carrick explains what Gen Y has to do in order to survive and thrive in the face of this new reality, and tells parents to cool it when it comes to their pro-home buying stance.  Gen Y might be a generation of renters, and that’s okay.

View the full 30 minute hangout below:

This week we talked with friend of the blog Barry Choi about travelling on the cheap. Barry gave a lot of useful tips on where to check for the best prices flights, how to find affordable accommodations, and why you should talk to the locals BEFORE you visit a new country.

Check it out below:

Earn Save Grow

My new blog is off to a great start – thanks to everyone who’s checked it out and subscribed!  Last week I wrote a very popular post about personal finance authors Robert Kiyosaki and Derek Foster and how their stories aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Over on Rewards Cards Canada I answered a reader question about prepaid cards.  The answer: No, prepaid cards are NOT a good alternative to credit cards.

Fee Only Advice

We started a fee-only financial planning service in January and the response so far has been fantastic.  With tax season winding up, you may be interested in an objective, unbiased second opinion on your financial situation.  Contact us for a free consultation and find out why fee-only advice might be worth a look.

You can read more about us and what we offer below:

Weekend Reading

Daniel Kahneman, the bestselling author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, talks about overcoming the cognitive biases and errors that can affect decision-making.

A useful list to help you decide what really matters and what you can do without when making financial decisions.

How much do you love your job?  Amazon dangles a $5,000 carrot to find out if its employees really want to work there.

Most investors have no idea what they’re doing, and it shows in their performance.

Low interest rates and a hot stock market may be tempting some investors to leverage their portfolio.  Here’s why that’s bad idea right now.

Happy Easter weekend, everyone!

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  1. Tom on April 21, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    As long as rob carrick keeps a balanced set of articles. Problem is that in the globe rob seems to be obsessed with discouraging home ownership, some decisions are for more than money.

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